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The Naturefund Forest Network rescues forest in Madagascar

Allee mit dicken Baobabbäumen Foto: Dr. H. Fried

The Naturefund Forest Network has announced that support for forest conservation projects in South West Madagascar will continue in 2011. Naturefund considers the project work done in 2010 to have been very successful. 

10,000 tree seedlings nurtured

In close collaboration with local people three tree nurseries were set-up, 10,000 tree seedlings were nurtured, and the first forest conservation area of 500 hectares was declared. The village of Ranobe lies close to the Pacific Coast, 30 kilometres north of the regional capital Toliara. Bordering the village, the unique Spiny Forest begins. Madagascar is home to around 12,000 plant species and 90% of these are endemic, which means that they can only be found here.

Baobab trees can grow to 5,000 years old

The Spiny Forest is particularly rich in species. The unique Pachypodium (meaning thick-footed), Didiereaceae and the huge Baobab (also called the monkey bread tree) which can grow to 40 metres tall and can reach 5,000 years old, all grow here. Every year, illegal land clearing and logging tear great holes in the remaining forest. Naturefund’s aim in creating three tree nurseries and cultivating 10,000 tree seedlings, is to limit this exploitation and in the long-term, prevent it entirely.

This project is currently supported by 14 companies from the Naturefund Forest Network. The newest partner in the Network is Team Retail Excellence, a company of consultants who give advice to trading and consumer goods companies. Oliver Schlömann, a partner of Team Retail Excellence, comments: “What convinced us was the quality and continuity of the way in which Naturefund has implemented the project in Madagascar. We are very happy that, in collaboration with the Naturefund Forest Network, we have been able to save areas of unique forest.”

More information about the Naturefund Forest Network: www.naturefund.de/waldnetz
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